Reece to run Nuclear race for dad

Reece to run Nuclear race for dad
Reece to run Nuclear race for dad

A Wickford man whose father has been denied lifesaving cancer treatment on the NHS is raising money by running a seven kilometre Nuclear race, titled ‘Nuking Cancer’.

28 year old Reece Williams has set up a just giving  page to help raise £10,000 for his father who is a cancer sufferer.

Reece told The Enquirer: “In 2011 my father found a lump on his neck that turned out to be a cancerous tumour and they discovered that he had cancer in his bowel as well. It reached his lymph nodes and he had radiotherapy.

“Now sadly they have found a golf ball size tumour in his liver and the scans show a blood clot in his lungs.

“The treatment he requires is lutetium and that is very expensive. It costs £10,000 a round and my father needs four rounds of treatment. This treatment is too expensive for the NHS.”

As a result, Reece has taken on the challenge himself with his two sisters to help raise the money for his father’s treatment.

“I’m going to be running a 7 kilometre nuclear race that is full of obstacles and mud! It’s definitely a challenge!”

Reece is looking for as many sponsors as he can get to help him raise the money for his father’s life saving treatment.

If you are interested in sponsoring Reece or if you would like to run the race and raise money for Reece’s dad, please go to the web page or Nuclear Rush – Saturday 18th May 2019


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