Raising autism awareness


Local charity The Sycamore Trust is ‘daring people’ to be different for national autism week.

World autism awareness week is 1-7th of April and to coincide with this, the local charity is asking people to be involved in its ‘Dare to be Different’ day on Friday 5th of April.


Steve Dixon from the Sycamore trust told The Enquirer: “We are asking people to be different for the day, the aim is to wear whatever you can just to be different for the day. This is to represent people with autism which is a broad spectrum and varies so much. The biggest issue we have is that autism is a hidden disability.

“People who are missing a leg or in a wheelchair, are easily seen to have a liability, whereas autistic people don’t show their disability so anything we can do to highlight this to people is important.”

There are 700,00 people in the country that have been diagnosed with autism and this day is very important in helping to raise awareness.

The Sycamore Trust is a vital charity in our local community, it has two bases one in Dagenham and one in the Liberty shopping centre in Romford and the Trust paid a visit to the the Town Hall in Romford last Thursday to meet Havering’s Mayor Councillor Dilip Patel.

Steve continued: “We got to learn about the office duties of the most important person in the borough. The Mayor had met members of the Trust’s craft class at their Autism Hub in Romford before Christmas and invited them to pay him a visit at the town hall.

Around a dozen young ladies attended, along with staff and parents. The Mayor showed them the council chambers as well as his robes and ceremonial mace, one of the girl’s even got to wear the robes!”

If you are interested in taking part in the ‘Dare to be Different’ day in April please email us at [email protected] for more information.


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