Pupils get media opportunity


Students from a school in Brentwood recently visited the iconic Guardian Newpaper in London.

Year 9 history students from Brentwood County High School, had a fantastic opportunity to visit the Guardian Newspaper recently to take part in a workshop run by its education centre whereby they created their own front page as if they were reporting during WW1.

The workshop helped students develop their research literacy skills using a variety of media including original archive news stories from The Guardian and Observer, reference books and the Internet.

After an introduction to WW1 and key themes, students were told about the Defence and Realm Act and the implications of this censorship for news reporting. Students working in pairs researched several news stories to create their own front page.

These workshops are an excellent opportunity for students to learn to evaluate resources when researching a project and to remind them of the 5 Ws; What? When? Who? Where? And Why?

Visits to such prestigious institution serves to raise students’ aspirations and on this occasion students had opportunity to hear about the different roles occupied in producing a newspaper and experience a number of these roles themselves.

The school has developed an excellent working relationship with The Guardian over the past several years and are now represented on their teacher panel for the development of new and exiting workshops for primary and secondary students.

Mrs. A Hughes, Executive Headteacher said “At BCHS we are preparing students to become confident, articulate adults. Activities such as this provide a valuable and real insight into the world of work which is an invaluable experience for our students. I am very grateful to our staff for organising this event.”


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