Protect our wildlife:


Take down the nets

Heartbroken residents and councillors in Harold Hill have called upon a local football club in Kenilworth Avenue to roll up their football net when it is not being used following another tragic death of a deer.

The pregnant doe was found with her neck caught in the netting and sadly died, residents are upset as this is not the first time a deer has died with their neck caught in the football netting.


Councillor Jan Sargent, a keen animal campaign told The Enquirer: “It is one of the most heart breaking experiences I have ever had the misfortune to witness. I dread to think of how long that poor deer had been struggling.”

Local resident and animal lover Lynn told the Enquirer: “I found a deer in January this year with the netting cutting into its mouth as it was all caught up. This is the third time an incident like this has happened.”

Councillor Sargent received the message around 8.30 last Wednesday from a friend of hers who had informed her that a deer had been caught in the football netting on the Henderson football field. Councillor Sargent said: “I literally grabbed a pair of scissors and ran over there to help. You could clearly see the netting caught tightly around her neck.

“I cut away at the netting but unfortunately it was too late. The poor thing had lost its life in the struggle. I could also clearly see that she was pregnant.

“We called the RSPCA but being as we knew that we only had a very short time frame to try and save the unborn fawn we decided to call our local vets who were there in minutes. They delivered and tried to save the fawn but unfortunately it was too late for her too.

“We all tried so hard to save the poor fawn and her mother, we were all devastated. I doubt that I will ever forget this. It will haunt me till the day I die. Other residents who also tried to help have told me that they are finding it hard to sleep. The traumatic experience has really affected them.

“This deer was beautiful, healthy and a real beautiful example of her breed. She looked around 3 to 4 years old.”

“This death was so unnecessary, we just need the nets to either be removed when not in use or their area fenced off so as to not cause problems to wildlife.”

Locals are now asking Henderson Football Club to roll up their netting when it is not being used to stop another further tragic and unnecessary deaths of innocent animals as they roam their area.

Lynn, a local resident told The Enquirer: “We are not at war with the local football club but we do need them to roll up their netting when they are not using it, we are giving them the opportunity to change before we take any further action. They don’t realise how their actions are affecting the community here. We love the deer, people here are heartbroken and crying at this death.

“The deer are part of our heritage, part of our community, this death has left a lasting impact on all of us.”



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