Police launch campaign for safer bike riding


The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) launches Street Spirit campaign, giving young motorcycle riders the opportunity to win one of two prize bikes.

The campaign, which launched on Tuesday, September 11 calls on young riders to enhance their knowledge on safe riding by watching five short videos and completing a quiz.

This automatically enters them into the competition, giving them the chance to win one of two brand new bikes, with full protective kit and a year’s insurance.
Data reveals that riders of powered two wheeled (P2W) vehicles are the highest road user risk group in Essex.

In 2016 they made up just 0.8% of the traffic but were represented in over 26% of all collisions involving death or serious injury.

In the same year, nearly 37% of all P2W collisions resulting in death or serious injury involving young riders aged between 17 to 25.

Andy Stroulger, RTC Reduction Manager for Essex Fire & Rescue Service and SERP’s motorcycle safety specialist, said: “In light of the clear risks to young riders, today we launch ‘Street Spirit’ with the aim of improving engagement and education with new and prospective moped and scooter riders.

“The short videos give advice on getting on the road for the first time, highlight the benefits of wearing good protective clothing, provide tips on riding skills and road positioning, give advice on bike maintenance.

“We also want to encourage further training for those riders who go on to pass their full motorcycle tests especially those who have held their licence for over a certain amount of years.


“The quiz should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete and offers participants the chance to win two brand new, top notch motorbikes either a Yamaha Aerox, worth £2,499 or a Yamaha MT-125, worth £4,299.

“We want to encourage a safer, more responsible approach to riding and it is hoped that over time, the campaign will lead to a reduction in collisions for these vulnerable young riders.

“We need to make it safer for bikers to ride on the roads and this is the first step forward to doing so and reducing casulties.”

For more information or to enter the competition visit



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