Police continue to combat violent attack

sean wilson
sean wilson

Following the recent increase in violent crime and a shooting in Collier Row, The Enquirer spoke with Superintendent Sean Wilson from the East Area Command Unit about the hard work going on in the borough to combat the violent attacks.

“We are really concerned about the increase in crime, but east London and London on a whole is still one of the safest places. We are determined to bare down on violent crime, we have many operations such as ‘operation sceptre’ in place to tackle knife and guns.


“We are also lawfully using intelligence based stop and search and are working in partnership with agencies, voluntary organisations, communities and families to help bring down the level of violence.”

The increase in violent crime has caused many locals to fear the streets of our borough, but the police Superintendent assures people that there are many procedures in place to tackle the increase going on.

“We are working with the local community in many ways, looking for weapon stashes, sweeping areas where weapons are hidden, working with Trading Standards to look at online knife stores and second hand shops like pawn shops where weapons can often pass through to make it harder for criminals to get weapons.

“We are also targeting individuals that we know use knives and drugs, actively targeting them. We are using a lot of intelligence led information, finding hotspots and focusing on key transport hubs with the help of others forces such as City of London Police and British Transport Police,” continued Mr Wilson.

Covert tactics are also being used to make the environment more hostile for gangs.
“Violent gangs often glamorise their culture through the help of lyrics on the internet. We are working nationally across forces up and down the country to stop drug supplies.


“We have had a record breaking amount of gun seizures from real guns to fake ones. We also use automatic number plate recognition to help us identify vehicles used in drug supplies,” said the Superintendent.

The Met have been actively working with communities getting families to come forward and share information with them.

“We also work with many schools and have close links with Head Teachers. I would also appeal to anyone who has any information to please come forward and share it with us locally or to call Crimstoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”


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