Pokemon Go! or No? Plus – results of our poll!


Thousands of disgruntled Pokemon Go! players have had weeks of progress lost thanks to a server update wiping their saved data.

Constant server crashes have meant the creators have had to update the game again, but this time some people’s progress has been lost. Meaning they’ll have to start from scratch.

The world’s latest craze, Pokemon Go! has seen children and adults download the app onto their devices and millions are now wandering the streets in a desperate bid to attract creatures such as a ‘Pikachu’. Even the Enquirer office has caught on to it (we are professional honest).

The augmented reality game, which when players walk around – will pick up various Pokemon they have to ‘catch’ on their device, has become undoubtedly the most successful and most talked about game of the past few years.

The craze – based off the hit 90’s children’s game, movie and tv franchise; has already reached extraordinary heights. In America a player posted on social media that they found a ‘rare’ Pokemon, and hundreds of people stampeded a park in order to find it. There have even been incidents where people have got into physical fights over the game. Has it gone too far already?

When released a few weeks ago in the UK – creators were hailing it as a method for people to be physically active (in the game in order to ‘unlock’ more animals, you have to walk 10km), others however were quick to criticise. It has certainly divided opinion.

Despite the fun that the majority of users are having with it, it has come with its downsides too. It’s been alleged that paedophiles are taking advantage of the app’s ‘Lure’ feature, where players can create a potion on a spot to attract more Pokemon, to attract children.

There are also warnings of people accidentally walking into the roads and being hit by oncoming traffic as they look into their device. There have also been warnings of players breaking into people’s gardens to ‘catch’ the animated creatures.

Are people taking it too far? Do you think that the game has spiralled out of control or do you think if used properly – it can be a great source of fun?

Let us know your thoughts via our comments page or alternatively, write to us on our Facebook or Twitter pages on @enquirernews.

Earlier in the week over on our Twitter page, we conducted a poll to see whether you thought the game was a hit or miss, a whopping 54% of you said NO to Pokemon Go! while 42% said you were a fan.

Well we still like it…



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