Planning denied on 3 grounds for mosque


A recent planning application to build a community centre/ mosque in Manser Road, South Hornchurch, has been denied.
Locals in the area had objected to the building of the centre for a variety of reasons including the severe lack of parking in the area.
Last week the application was denied on three grounds. Firstly it would lead to an increase in noise level and disturbance, due to the scale of activity and hours of usage.
Secondly due to inadequate on site car parking provision it would lead to an overspill in surrounding roads.
Thirdly being cramped it would be out of keeping and visually intrusive to the street scene.
Resident’s Association Councillor for South Hornchurch Graham Williamson told The Enquirer: “The Council planners did not refuse the application because of religion but the harm to existing residents that any community centre of whatever type would bring on a residential area. On balance they got it right. “
Councillor Natasha Summers told The Enquirer: “I was contacted by concerned residents about the impact of such a centre might have on their quality of life. I am therefore delighted for my residents that they did not have put up with a Centre that would have led to car parking issues, increased noise in unsocial hours, and an overdevelopment. “
Local resident Ross Elliott told The Enquirer: “I am really happy the council have listened to the concerns of the community and rejected the application.
The suggested location for the proposed mosque, did not make sense, and would have had a detrimental effect of the area.
The parking and traffic demands generated by the use of the mosque would have caused issues which would have effected the safety and amenity of local residents.
“With many new developments planned for Rainham in the near future, its vital the community continues to have their say on such matters.”
He finished “This is a fine example of how the community can work together to shape the future of the borough. I would like to say thank you to the IRG, who have worked hard to keep the residents informed, and have supported the community with raising their concerns. Well done to all involved.”

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