Pensioner stuck in flat for 10 days

let down
let down

Let down

A disabled pensioner who struggles to breath and has heart problems, was left stranded on the fourth floor of a block of flats as the only lift in the building was out of action for ten days.

The seventy five year old who did not wish to be named, was furious as the lift in Braeburn Court on the Orchard Village estate, Rainham, was out of action for ten days.

He told the Enquirer: “On Wednesday 28th of March the lift became faulty and the door entry system stopped working. That means around fifty stairs for me to climb down and fifty stairs for me to climb back up.

“I am disabled, I have a heart condition, I can’t manage these stairs. I have my food delivered, they bring it to me using the lift. I began calling the housing company Clarion to see when it would be fixed.”

Unhappy with the lack of action, the pensioner began contacting the 24 hour lift line, “They told me they only worked till five so it wasn’t 24 hour at all. I contacted head office and they kept telling me it would be fixed soon, yet when I contacted the lift number again they told me that the order for the part had only just been sent.

“It’s not just me, my neighbour is a pensioner and there is a family with three young children here. The mum was having to carry her push chair down by hand. We’ve been left totally isolated. They said they were sending letters out to us but none have been received by any of us,” said the upset pensioner. “I’ve had to keep arguing with them on the phone, to try and get the lift fixed and they have accused me of being rude to staff.

“I got fed up with it and contacted my local councillor, Michael Deon Burton to help me resolve this. Every time they promise me they would call me back and they never do.

“When I contact head office they tell me one thing, when I call the lift number they tell me another. They told me it would be fitted on Friday, but when I called the lift people they told me they hadn’t received the part.”


The lift was finally fixed last Saturday morning just after 8am after ten days of being out of action.

The pensioner continued: “I pay my rent yet no one has come round to see if we needed help. My son comes to help me and another elderly neighbour from another building but they couldn’t get to me. What happens if the lift breaks again? Will we have to wait for another ten days for it to be repaired? How will my food get delivered to me? I’m looking for a letter of apology, but so far we haven’t received anything from them.”

Councillor Michael Deon Burton told the Enquirer, “For the mature and elderly living on Orchard Village Estate when the lifts break down with such insulting regulatory your home that should be a place of peace and security becomes a prison of anger and fear.”


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