Palm sunday celebrations


The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell joined many worshippers out in Romford High Street on Sunday to celebrate Palm Sunday.

As part of St Edwards Church celebrations a procession was held from the High Street to Romford Market.

Worshippers walked along as the local choir sung their praises, and even donkey Milo was out in the sunshine.

Mr Rosindell told The Enquirer: “It’s lovely to be here in Romford with the congregation from St Edwards church and Reverend Power to commemorate Palm Sunday.

“To have a donkey on Romford is a special event and its important that we remember Palm Sunday, with Jesus riding on the donkey and its wonderful to come here for that special occasion.

“We will enjoy a special service today.”

Local resident Michael told The Enquirer: “It’s a special way to celebrate a very important day, Palm Sunday and its great to have a donkey in Romford today and for our local MP

Andrew to be out amongst us.

“Many thanks to him for supporting us as always and its great to see so many residents and families come out and join in this event. We are looking forward to next year already.

“It’s good for the town to have processions like this on the streets, I think people really enjoy it and appreciate it.”


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