Off the Beat


”Reinstate the officers”

“We need to reinstate the officers that we have lost, the Prime Minster has created a situation where the police are no longer able to do their jobs and crime is rising” were the words of Independent Residents Councillor Russell Cherry after another stabbing over the Easter weekend outside Grays station.

“The police are so few and not visible anymore that they are not a deterrent.
“We now share police with Brentwood after the closure of Brentwood police station and the numbers are so low that it is absolutely dangerous,” said an angry Councillor Cherry.

Over a weekend that saw an outbreak of violent crime across London that included the two fatal shootings of a seventeen year old girl in Tottenham and a sixteen year old boy in Walthamstow, and a further stabbing of a nineteen year old male in Grays.

Cherry continued: ”When Theresa May was Home Secretary she cut 21,000 officers and removed the fear aspect from criminals by virtually halting stop and search.

“Police officers have a good idea on who to search but she is restraining how they are allowed to work. “They are restricted and stabbed in the back by politicians.”

Members of the public are now asking communities to play a bigger part in changing their community for the better and not laying the blame on the door step of the police.

“With the black on black crimes, many of these communities feel that they have no other option than that of a life of crime as a way to make money, rather than working. These communities need to stop the gang culture. “Too many politicians do not back the police in fear of upsetting the black communities but people need to feel safe,” continued the Chadwell St Mary’s councillor.

“Policing is something that must never be cut back on.

“You can look at more efficient policing and the level of pay of high ranking officers, but the number of officers should never be cut back on.

“This has led to situations that could be dangerous, if riots broke out there would not be enough police to deal with them.


“Some black communities have a dislike of the police, and lay the blame solely at their door step.
“This can allow the gang culture to grow along with the use of drugs and firearms,”said Mr Cherry.

The Chadwell St Mary councillor also believes that money is being spent in the wrong areas: “We are spending money in all the wrong places.

“They have made the police’s job so difficult, they are working with one arm tied behind their back.

“The police are bogged down with so much, but burglaries are on the increase, work vans with tools are being broken into and Essex police aren’t able to deal with all of this due to the shortage of officers.

“We need police back on the streets. The lack of police visibility is now causing high levels of concern across the country, “people want to see the police , we need to go back to basics and have our officers out visibly on the beat” finished Councillor Cherry.


by Francesca Lillystone


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