No to tower city


South Hornchurch residents have hit back in horror at plans to ‘over develop’ their area.

Locals living along the A1306 corridor have spoken out against the plans after they were promised a ‘garden suburb’ but instead now are believed to be facing the nightmare of looking at huge apartment blocks instead.

The first shock came when they were informed that they were going to be living near tower blocks of 16 storeys high in Beam Park and now the prospect of what is believed to be a 40% increase of tower blocks and storeys rising up to 14 blocks high on the ex- Somerfield site.


Local resident and Independent activist Ross Elliott told The Enquirer: “Havering Council has plans to develop nine sites along the A1306, two of these are for numbers greater than 150 properties.

“All such developments have to obtain the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s approval and inevitably he has demanded that those two plans be amended and have much less parking and greener space than Havering planners think is necessary and what they believed.”

Locals are concerned that the Council’s amended plans now threaten to increase the existing density and heights of the area and even result in the loss of the few planned houses to more and more apartment blocks.

Activist Mr Elliott continued: “We were offered a garden suburb and thats what we thought we were going to get!

“Originally it was to be predominately family houses, then that was reduced to only a third of 3,000 properties and now the Council seems to be overdeveloping the sites by replacing even more houses with high rise apartments.

“This is going to be nothing like a ‘Garden Suburb!”

He added: “The residents of south Hornchurch supported a redevelopment of the A1306 which is run down and littered with breakers yards and repair shops.

“They did not want however, to see a tower city. We want houses that have gardens and areas that our children can play in.

“It is disappointing that our own council have misled us.”

South Hornchurch Councillor Graham Williamson told The Enquirer: “We were promised a quality garden suburb but, if Ross is correct, we might be faced with something quite different.

“On behalf of my residents I will investigate these claims further and let them know my findings.”

Councillor Natasha Summers told The Enquirer: “Locals were promised something similar to what they have now but so far the plans are going to turn the area into a tower city.

“We are becoming a mini London and that is not what we want or agreed to.”


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