No to cuts


A three day protest strike is taking place outside of Ilford County High School as a result of ongoing cuts at the school.

Glenn Kelly the National Education Union London Regional Officer told The Enquirer: “We did the first day of strikes last week, and we also took strike action on Tuesday and Wednesday this week as a result of the ongoing cuts being made. The school is not replacing teachers, their workload is increasing and now they are looking at cutting the additional TLR payments teachers get for taking on additional responsibilities.

“The school already has a deficit and is the lowest spending school on teachers in the borough.”

Teachers and support staff who are members of the National Education Union (NEU) started these series of strikes after a 91% yes vote in favour of strike action. It is believed that over the last couple of years, the school has been refusing to replace teachers and support staff when posts become vacant.
This has led to larger classes and intolerable workloads for staff.

Mr Kelly continued: “Ilford County High school already has the lowest spending on teachers per pupil than any other Redbridge secondary school, the last straw for our members has been new proposals to effectively cut the pay of some staff and denying others the right to pay rises they would normally be entitled to. The union members are rightly saying enough is enough”.

Venda Premkumar the Redbridge NEU Branch Secretary said: “You can’t keep cutting jobs and simply expect teachers and support staff to pick up the extra work, we are not prepared to see our members driven into the ground nor see the children’s education suffer”. One parent who  didn’t not wish to be named told The Enquirer: “I can see that teachers are really struggling at my son’s school. It is terrible, and eventually I know my child’s level of education will suffer because of this. You have to pay staff correctly and they must replace teachers who have left.

“This is not the right way to run a school, changes must be made for the better or our children’s future learning will be at risk.”


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