Nightmare truckers



Residents who live along Crow Lane and nearby streets in Romford have spoken of the lorry ‘nightmare’ they face on a daily basis.

Vehicles park everywhere and anywhere causing traffic hell and air pollution as they wait to get into Crow Metals. An endless stream of lorries builds up along Crow Lane, parking on yellow lines, parking bays, grass banks and anywhere else they can find to stop and wait to off load their goods.

Locals have now had enough and are making a stand against what they are describing as a ‘lorry inferno’ that blights their road every day.

One local resident who lives just off Crow Lane and did not wish to be named, told The Enquirer: “It’s awful, just awful. Every day they come and park wherever they can, they have no care or consideration about the locals or the parking restrictions.

“They park on yellow lines, across parking bays, on grass banks. It’s a nightmare. Many sit in their lorries with their engines running until they can get into Crow Metals and are inflicting on us more air pollution.

“There are houses all along this road, these lorries just don’t care. It’s a job for them but it’s our air they are polluting.”

Deputy Leader of Havering Council and Ward Councillor for the Brooklands Ward Robert Benham told The Enquirer: “We have been very active in trying to resolve this situation.

“I understand why locals are very angry and we have been having regular meetings with residents in the area to try and solve these issues. We are currently exploring a couple of possible sites we could use for the lorries to park instead of parking along Crow Lane.

“We have been using a lot of parking enforcement over the last couple of weeks, issuing penalty notices but many times the lorries see the wardens and drive off.

“However we will keep up the enforcement and over the next couple of weeks we will be introducing an ‘anti vehicle idling’ penalty policy in the borough.

“This will see anyone sitting in their vehicle with their engines running outside residential properties facing fines.”

“We have been sending our enforcement teams in the area and now looking to find a possible site for the lorries to go and park whilst they wait.”

The local resident finished: “This problem needs to be resolved. The Mayor of London wants cleaner air, well its not happening here is it.”

“The lorries cause on going traffic problems, they cause congestion and problems for us when we drive along our road.

“Something needs to be done and done quickly, this situation can’t go on like this.”



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