Nightmare neighbours


A 46 year old woman who has been convicted for her involvement in the robbery and stabbing of an 75 year old elderly gentleman ,has been reported as being a nightmare neighbour for many residents of Harold Hill.
Joanne Hatwell was convicted on Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday October 8.
One local resident, who has since left the area following the horrendous circumstances they faced on a daily basis, spoke to The Enquirer about the block of flats that Joanne Hatwell used to live in.
Numerous residents who lived in Milldenhall House, have since moved out, as they could not deal with the high level of anti-social behaviour they were subjected to.
“We couldn’t cope with the noise and the amount of horrid people that would come to this area and our doorsteps not just every so often but everyday.
“The noise tenants caused could be heard in other blocks and in houses across the road.
“Many nights of interrupted sleep took its toll. The final straw for me was when one tenant would stand in her garden in the early hours, shouting abuse at the top of her voice. “
Some tenants would tell everyone that they were in charge as a warning to anyone else’s who might cross her path. I couldn’t take anymore and had to find a private rent property elsewhere”.
“Drugs were being sold day and night. It encourages the wrong sort of people to hang around the area.
“Drug users would come around banging on doors of the flats at all hours, morning and especially in the middle of the night and if there was no reply, they would climb through neighbours gardens not caring about the damage they left behind.”
The police had been called to the block a number of times, and several police raids are believed to have taken place.
“The situation at Milldenhall House was a complete nightmare, one tenant would sit outside the property during the day selling heroin to people stopping in their cars. Shouting from the street to get their drugs brought out to them. Cars would park on neighbours driveways while they collect their drugs.”
Joanne Hatwell was due to be sentenced yesterday after The Enquirer went to print.


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