News in brief – Candidates


Thurrock Independents to stand a record number of candidates in Thurrock local elections
The Thurrock Independents are delighted to announce that voters in all Thurrock wards with an election on 2nd May will have the opportunity to vote for a Thurrock Independents candidate.

Thurrock Independents Party leader, Cllr Luke Spillman, said “We’re extremely proud to be able to announce that we are standing a full slate and record number of candidates.”

“The national parties have have let us down. Most residents no longer have any faith in them. Their actions have seen our parliament become a laughing stock.”

“We offer voters the chance to be represented by true independent voices entirely dedicated to their communities. Candidates who will always prioritise the needs of local residents.”

We offer voters candidates with a huge amount of combined experience working for the benefit of their community. Unlike the Conservative Party we will never accept large donations from big businesses with commercial interests in Thurrock.”

“People want change and if they vote Thurrock Independents on 2nd May they will get change!”


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