Mum raised £75k for play equipment


A Dagenham mum who was sad about the sorry state her park was in, decided to do something about it herself.

Mum of two Lisa Adams, has raised an amazing £75,000 to upgrade her local, run down park in Dagenham.

Lisa spoke to the Enquirer about her ambition to see Valance Park refurbished with new basketball courts and play equipment for all the children and teenagers to enjoy.


“Valance park is my local park and where I take my children to play. This campaign began when I went to the park with other mums and our children had very boring play equipment and I realised just how run down the park was.

“I wanted to ask the council to upgrade it but I knew that if they had the money to refurbish it, then they would have done it by now. When I met with council workers, I saw how down trodden they were and knew that they couldn’t do anything about it so I decided to do something about it myself.”

The secondary school teacher embarked on a mission to raise the funds herself to make her local park a better place for the community.

“I got in contact with my local park rangers and from there began this journey to raise the funds. I attend the ‘Go to Lifeline Church’, part of the Community Resources group, who have a community hub and they heard that I was interested in refurbishing my local park.

They introduced me to ‘London Sports’, part of the ‘Urban Sports Group’ who gave me £75,000.”

Lisa is hoping to raise a total of £150,000 to completely refurbish her park and buy all new equipment for her community.

“We have started a Crowdfunding campaign now, where we are looking for another £20,000 and so far the locals in the area have been fantastic and totally supportive of what I am doing. I have been talking to all of the community to ask how they would like their park refurbished so that we all get our say.”


Lisa concluded: “I have taken the plans to the community so they can re-jig it as they would like it. I have spoken to the teenagers that play on the old court there now to ask them what they would like done to the park. It’s great that all of the community are involved and can take ownership of their local park. The council have been really supportive and many councillors have donated to the crowdfunding campaign out of their own pocket. It’s been amazing. I truly believe that our community deserve a better park than they have at the moment.” Visit


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