MP SLAMS closure of centre


Rainham and Dagenham MP Jon Cruddas has slammed the closure of the South Hornchurch Walk in Centre as ‘completely unacceptable’.
The decision to close the ‘walk in centre’ came two weeks ago on November the 8th, following a fourteen week consultation period that ran between May and September.
The Labour MP has lashed out at Tories saying: “We cannot offer healthcare on a shoe string. The Tories need to end their cuts. My main concern is that vulnerable residents will now have to travel all the way to Queens Hospital for treatment.
“Another worry, is how long before the booking system becomes oversubscribed, leaving residents waiting for urgent appointments.”
South Hornchurch residents have voiced their concerns over fears that now they have to travel to either Queen’s hospital in Romford, or to the poly clinic in Harold Wood and for those that do not drive, they face a substantial journey by public transport.
South Hornchurch Labour Action team member Trevor McKeever told The Enquirer: “I am absolutely dumbfounded by the Clinical Commissioning Group’s decision to close the walk in services at South Hornchurch Health Centre.
“With the NHS already in crisis and daily horror stories from residents who inform us that when they try and book an appointment, the response they are receiving is that they have no appointments, how can the CCG justify this decision?”
“This is yet another example of South Havering having one of its vital services stripped away from it. Since the announcement we have been speaking with residents who are shocked and appalled by the short sightedness of this decision.
“Every local resident is well aware of the stress on Queens Hospital and their local doctor’s surgeries and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that shutting South Hornchurch walk in services will only apply further strain on our stretched resources. “


Elm Park Resident Amanda, told The Enquirer: “My doctor’s surgery is always full, if I need an emergency appointment they send me to the walk in centre as they have no appointments, what is going to happen to us now when we need medical care?”
South Hornchurch Councillor Graham Williamson told The Enquirer: “The closure of the walk in centre facility at South Hornchurch is all part of the NHS CCG cutting back its services and centralising them back into the larger centres such as Romford. Not only is the walk in centre facility being withdrawn but the Phlebotomy (Blood) services suspended with a possibility of permanent withdrawal. It is death by a thousand cuts”.


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