Meet the Wildlife officer

Meet the Wildlife officer
Meet the Wildlife officer

This week The Enquirer had the opportunity to meet Havering’s Wildlife Officer PC Anthony Kiddle.

Havering can actually boast having one of the best Wildlife Officers not just in London but in the country as PC Kiddle was voted Wildlife Officer of the year in 2012 and 2013.

PC Kiddle has been Havering’s Wildlife Officer for ten years and thoroughly loves his job. His role is very varied but amongst many things he is there to enforce the Wildlife Legislation Act.

PC Kiddle told The Enquirer: “My role is varied but I am there to investigate and protect endangered species. We don’t have fox hunting in Havering but historically we do have deer hunting and deer poaching.

“It is hard to keep watch over it, but with the help of the public it does become easier. “
Havering has two officers to protect its wildlife and both are very committed to their roles.

“I do love animals and I enjoy my job as it’s a very unique and specialised job. Very different to everyday policing.”

PC Kiddle has worked on wildlife crime across the country, having been seconded to the Wildlife Crime Unit nationally.

“Myself and my colleague here in Havering are both well versed in wildlife crime investigation. Areas like Havering don’t have the badger cull but we do get bird egg poaching.

“Unfortunately bird egg poaching and other wildlife crimes can generate money and carry less of a sentence than other crimes do. However, recently with the help of the public people are becoming more aware of these crimes and more switched on so with the
public’s help we can stamp them out.”


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