Longer worship hours will cause parking hell


Longer worship hours by a cultural centre in Chase Cross Road in Collier Row, have caused unhappiness in the local community.

Residents who lived near the centre that is being used as a mosque have complained following the chaos caused by worshippers and their parking styles.

At a planning meeting last Thursday 1 August at the town hall in Romford, the planning committee discussed the application for longer worship hours.

Worshippers have applied for extended hours from 6am to 9.30pm October to February and from 4.00 to 11.30pm from March to September.

At the meeting local Collier Row Councillor Christine Vickery spoke on behalf of the nearby residents complaining about the environmental impacts to the community.

Councillor Vickery told The Enquirer: “I spoke on behalf of the local residents whose lives have been effected by this. The impact on their everyday life has been very distressful for them.

“They have been dealing with parking disturbances every day. Worshippers parking across people’s drives, blocking up drive ways, causing problems on streets. Their everyday lives are affected by this.

“Residents who live in such close proximity of the centre have had their harmony spoilt, they are disturbing their peace. “.

The centre only has nine car parking spaces and as a result worshippers who attend are forced to find alternative parking.

One local resident who attended the meeting on Thursday in protest of the longer hours told The Enquirer: “Its been terrible, they arrive all hours and park across people’s drive ways.


They get out and leave their cars anywhere they can, causing chaos on our streets.

“There are cars non-stop, the increase in traffic has been a total nightmare”.

Councillors at the planning meeting heard from both parties involved and have agreed for it to go back to the planning committee for further discussion.


  1. This is not true I am afraid Councillor was mislead with the wrong informations. I must say the reporter should have done some research before publishing the story and listen to both side views. Worshipers were extremely careful and vigilant about their neighbors and mosque committee took an extra steps to ensure their neighbors won’t get annoyed with their religious activities. Residents were fully aware that this place was granted as a planning for worship. They have no right to raise any objections. It is just like when you are buying a house then you should know local proximity of your area. Councillor has let us down and I shall rethink of my vote cast for the next time. There isn’t any place for minoroties.


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