Local shop keepers to work with police



A meeting was held on Monday February 4 at Harold Hill library with a Counter Terrorist Officer, local police officers, the Safer Neighbourhood Coordinator for Havering Council and a local councillor to build on the recent success of ‘Shop Watch’ in the Hilldene shopping centre.

Last year, local police worked hand in hand with Havering Council and independent councillor Jan Sargent to create Shop Watch, where local shop keepers in Farnham Road could all use a radio to let other shops and police know when anti-social behaviour occurred.

The area has experienced high levels of anti-social behaviour and shop keepers had been asking for urgent help to resolve the situation.

The meeting on Monday focused on community cohesion and working together as a team to help prevent crime, theft in particular.

Councillor Jan Sargent told The Enquirer: “It was a very positive meeting and I was pleased with the shop keepers who came out to talk to us and share the problems they face on a daily basis.

“What we learnt was the high levels of incidents that are happening and need to be reported and often aren’t, so we have established a way to all network together and support each other.

“We are going to be introducing incident report sheets that can be filled out at the end of the day when shop keepers have more time.

“That way every crime will get logged and given to the police as often much of the anti-social behaviour does not get reported.”

Police Officer Sam Hammond for Gooshays ward, told The Enquirer: “Continuing on from Shop Watch and getting all the shops to work together is very important and we are asking the community to all come out and work with us and work together to help stop this anti-social behaviour.

“We are very proactive in the area, as much as we can be, we have lots of operations in place here and we are working closely with Jane Eastaff from the Council.
“We are working closely with our partner agencies to try and improve the issues we have here in Farnham Road.

“We are asking shop keepers to work with us.”



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