Life of iconic film producer celebrated

Stars-at-the-film-event-including-Joe-Sultana-and-Tony-Klinger-Photo Credit to Shiralee Swan Photography
Stars-at-the-film-event-including-Joe-Sultana-and-Tony-Klinger-Photo Credit to Shiralee Swan Photography

On Saturday the 3rd of November the world premiere of ‘The Man Who Got Carter’ was shown at Premiere Cinema hosted by the Romford Film Foundation.

The documentary feature film is about the phenomenal life and career of Michael Klinger the legendary film producer.

The documentary was part of a series of films shown on Saturday celebrating the life of this iconic British producer. Other films included of course ‘Get Carter, Pulp, and Cul de Sac’.

The day was another huge success for both The Romford Film Foundation, that now has a well-established name in London and Michael Klinger’s son Tony who made this documentary film as a tribute to his father.

The Man Who Got Carter is a sweeping and inspiring account of Michael Klinger, Tony’s late father, bringing to light the extraordinary career of a film producer whose life and work deserve to be much better known. His prolific career brought out some remarkable triumphs in the world of film, especially so in an industry that was languishing in decline.

Despite lagging behind the behemoths of the US studios, Michael Klinger as an independent producer was able to source, identify and then construct great work.

He was instrumental in bringing to light the genius of Roman Polanski, he could command the organisation of huge budget blockbusters with stars such as Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Lee Marvin and arguably most important of all he gave the world one of the best British crime films of all time in ‘Get Carter’.

Mr Klinger said: “It was a fantastic turnout from friends, family and many locals who came to see the screenings. The day was a huge success and the response to the films was unbelievable.
Get Carter has a cult following across the world, so many people come up and tell me that it is their favourite all time film and the documentary received a fantastic reception.”

Tony was determined to make this film because he wanted to share why he, and many others, loved and respected his father.

The film presents the impact Michael had on these people through fantastic interviews with the likes of Michael Caine, Colin Vaines (Producer of film including, Gangs of New York and Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool), Mike Hodges, director of Get Carter, Flash Gordon, Croupier and many others, plus close friends and the Klinger family.

The memories revealed by these interviews demonstrate how Michael Klinger’s personality was remarkable. All agree that his story should be shared.


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