German-born, UK-based naturopath,energy healer and ‘psychic surgeon’ Britta Hochkeppel at Vita Serena believes harnessing the powers of natural therapies can ease tension and relieve pressure in certain stressful situations.

A fully qualified naturopath Britta based in the picturesque and spiritual Essex village Coggeshall is also a qualified kinesiology practitioner and nutritionist and uses her abilities as a natural ‘intuitive’ to help her discover the cause of long standing problems, imbalances and illness often using the spiritual guidance she receives and learned how to channel at the School of Metaphysics to help her treat clients successfully – often for good.

She says: “Just one treatment can affect a real change in people’s physical and emotional well-being” and after an initial consultation Britta can decide which of the many holistic treatments she is qualified to perform and in what combination will work best.
Her Frequency Shift treatments are perfect if you are considering a change of direction in life or want to make positive changes in the way you live your life now – very relevant at time of New Year too. Once Britta has discussed your relevant history, she uses a series of techniques including revealing body aura readings to diagnose potential problems, then combines therapies including reiki and crystal healing to start the healing process.

Treatments are carried out in the calming environment of the Vita Serena studio which is decorated with Buddhas, angel wings, the gongs and drums she uses in sound healing as well as her own beautiful artwork. Britta is also the author of a popular self-help book The Key to Loving Yourself: this easy to read guide is a reflection on some of the ways she has used healing techniques to deal with trauma in her early life and has lots of positive tips you can use now to improve self-esteem and wellbeing.

Britta’s one-to-one sessions are completely bespoke to every client, it can take just a few treatments for people to be relieved from the symptoms of long-standing health problems, including migraine, arthritis and back pain with an over 80% success rate.

And with this being one of the most frenetic times of year, Britta has some amazing results treating stress and anxiety and has particular success with teenagers and young adults who might not have been able to open up about their problems before.

Sessions cost from between £120-£150 for up to two hours and available at times to suit you.

Discover how you can be your best self this spring with Britta Hochkeppel at the launch of Vita Serena Energy & Wellbeing On Thursday 11th April Time 10.30pm to 12.30pm At Vita Serena, 20 East Street, Coggeshall, Essex CO6 ISH


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