Launch of charity to help get knife crime off streets


On Saturday July 6 at St Paul’s Church in Harold Hill, the launch of the ‘All Champion Charity’ took place.

The charity is named after 17 year old Champion Ghanda who was brutally murdered on the streets of Forest Gate on May 9th 2013.

The 17 year old had been out with his friends when an altercation broke out and his friends rushed into a fight where Champion was then stabbed eleven times, across the head, chest and arms and subsequently died.

Now, his heartbroken mother Peguy, who has never and will never recover from this horrific attack that has destroyed her family, has launched this charity to bring love, peace and comfort to others out there.

Peguy Kato, who is part of the national anti knife campaign ‘Operation Shutdown’ that is calling for the Government to recognise the horrors of knife crime blighting our streets and calling for a COBRA now, spoke to the Enquirer about the launch of the ‘All Champion Charity.’

“It is called the All Champion Charity after my son Champion, but also because I truly believe that every child is a champion, so we are here to represent all the children out there that need our help and support growing up in these difficult times.

“Our streets are not safe anymore, we should not be burying our children. My teenage children say to me ‘please come and pick me up mum, I don’t want to be stabbed.’ How can we raise our children in a society like this?”

The distraught mother is making her mark across the capital, meeting with other bereaved parents who have lost their child to knife crime.

“As a charity we run a support group once a month for bereaved parents to come and share their grief, and together we can find peace and support each other. When my son died I thought the sun would never rise again, now I’m here trying to help and support other parents.

“This charity is about love, bringing love to the streets where there is hate, bringing peace to the streets where there is war, bringing light to the streets where there is darkness.
“Mothers and fathers need to be able to sleep at night, they can’t as we live in fear for the safety of our children.”

The charity is also going into prisons to meet offenders to try and help them find jobs, find a way of life that is not criminal or violent.

“I want to show our youths that there is more to life than violence, that they can achieve something with their life, that they don’t need to live in a violent way.”

Helping Peguy is 22 year old Sasciha Clavadetscher from Harold Hill who was Champion’s best friend, he is involved in running work shops for teenagers and showing them that they can achieve something out of their life.

Sasciha told the Enquirer: “We are here to show youths, that there is more to life, that they can succeed in the career field, that they can make something out of their life, there is a way out of a life of violence. “

Last week Operation Shutdown campaigners were invited to a sit down meeting with the London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the Deputy Mayor for Social Integration, Social Mobility, Community Engagement Debbie Weekes-Bernard, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime Sophie Linden and Victims’ Commissioner Claire Waxman.

It was a very productive meeting with the delegation from Operation Shutdown being predominantly bereaved parents, from seven London boroughs, representing their own individual groups, fights for justice as well as coming together with a demand from The Mayor.

He wants a London wide COBRA meeting to plan for a ten year approach and nothing less, and to be chaired by the Mayor and all London boroughs as well as political parties. They need to then work alongside police, intelligence agencies, the grassroot communities and families most affected and the at risk and detriment of knife and gun crime, serious violence and murder. Many of whom are living in outright fear.

The campaigners also presented a list of proposals for the Mayor to consider including more community patrols, the use of ex veterans as mentors for young men, asking for schools to be opened in high risk times – the school holidays and after school.

The Mayor’s office has been back in touch and promised another meeting in September and further meetings planned with key stakeholders like Lib Peck – Director of the Violence Reduction Unit.

At last weeks meeting Mr Khan greed to once again publicly call for a UK wide Government led COBRA. #OPERATIONSHUTDOWN demand a real COBRA, urgently, not a watered down version.

The blood shed across the streets of England continues each day as we see violent crime increasing right across the country. Protests now demand an end to the deaths on our streets.


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