Labour members discuss community and integration at Havering Islamic Centre


Members of Romford and South Hornchurch Labour Action teams visited the Havering Islamic Centre last week following a special invite visit during Ramandan week.

Nicholas West, part of the South Hornchurch Labour Action Team told The Enquirer: “It’s always a pleasure to visit Havering Islamic Centre and last week I got a special invite visit during Ramadan.”

The centre had arranged for a discussion about community involvement and integration with special guest Dominic Grieve MP who discussed his research into British Islamic


The MP was very impressed with the great community work the Havering centre does and Mr West added: “The local Islamic community raise money for local charities and arrange initiatives such as soup kitchens for the homeless. Their kindness never ceases to amaze me and it was a real pleasure to breakfast with them.”

The centre is believed to be under threat of disappearing from Romford as the council look to redevelop the area.

The community have commissioned an architect to deign a building that would fit the character of the new development and would provide much needed community space in the area.

“The centre is a real asset to the local area, from the welcoming atmosphere they create, to feeding the homeless, the community have shown time and time again how much good and positivity they bring to the local area.

“The council have to look at the social cost of losing such an asset from the town centre and our community,” Mr West concluded.


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