Jon Cruddas ‘Calling Time on Crime’ launch


Last Saturday the Rainham and Dagenham MP Jon Cruddas, launched his ‘Calling Time on Crime’ campaign in Havering.

Jon and a host of Labour Party members took to the doors with a petition which calls on the government to step up and give the police the support they need to keep our streets safe.

MP Jon said: “Crime is the number one issue facing our community, and I launched this campaign as a response to falling police numbers and the fact that knife crime has risen between 10-30 per cent across Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge in the last 12 months.”

Despite an analysis from the Home Office stating that ‘the cuts in police numbers had likely contributed to a rise in violent crime’, the government are still yet to release any plans that reinvest in police numbers or funding for better resources.

Campaign Organiser Andrew Achilleos said: “It’s great that Havering Council saved Hornchurch police station, Jon Cruddas saved Dagenham police station, but if we don’t have the officers to man them then they are just buildings. This campaign is vitally important, and I am urging everyone to get behind it.


“The Tories irresponsible cuts have left us in a situation where the police are trying to deliver community safety on a shoestring. The government needs to step up, halt the cuts and offer real investment.”

On Saturday Jon and his team spoke to over 400 residents who showed near unanimous support for the aims of the campaign.

In Early 2019 the end game is to take the petition to Downing Street and the Home Office, demanding immediate action to reinvest in our police and community safety.

The Calling Time on Crime campaign was launched in September when Mr Cruddas said: “The bottom line is that we need more investment in our police. That is why this month I am launching a constituency wide campaign demanding better for Dagenham, Rainham,

South Hornchurch and Elm Park. There has been a visible increase in violent crime and whilst the Mayor of London is doing what he can to support the Met, it is just a drop in the ocean with compared with over £700 million worth of Tory cuts to our frontline police since 2010. “

You can join the campaign by filling out Jon’s survey here:
Share on social media using the hashtag #CallingTimeOnCrime


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