34 dynamic and inspiring women from Billericay climbed Mount Snowden last Saturday to raise money for Women’s Aid.

The group of 34 women all attend a group called Warrior Women which hold fitness and self-defence classes in Billericay.

The ladies wanted to challenge themselves physically whilst raising money for a great cause.

Lead instructor Jamie Mckagan said: “We are so grateful to everyone that has supported us for this climb.

“We have raised over £3000 now which smashed our target of £1000. Some of our women that climbed are from the local schools, GP surgeries and various local businesses in the area and the oldest is 61.”


“We all ascended the mountain, which was an amazing feeling especially as some of the women in our group are recovering from illnesses.

“Im very proud of every one of them, as a few of them conquered their fear of heights but every single person got to the top and put Billericay and Women’s Aid on the map.
“We are an all-female fitness company founded in Billericay and have rapidly grown over the last 18 months.

“Our classes are a mix of fitness and martial arts and we hope to work
more closely with Women’s aid right here in Essex in the future to provide support and services at ground level.

“We were set up to empower women through the medium of exercise to give them the confidence, motivation and self-belief to achieve their goals whatever they may be.

“We give a percentage of our monthly profits to the underfunded charity Women’s Aid to support women who are experiencing domestic violence and we wanted to do a big fitness challenge as a group in order to raise further funds for the charity in addition to our monthly donations.”

With over 60 women a week presenting at Basildon Hospital alone as victims of domestic violence support is desperately needed.

Jamie continued: “Another way we are attempting to support the charity, is as a group of local women, battling our own challenges. We are of different ages, shapes, fitness levels and from different backgrounds to raise awareness and money for them.

“Our lessons have changed the lives of many of our women so far and we constantly add new services and classes to our timetable.”

“There was a lot of interest on the mountain as to who we were and where we were from and we have certainly raised awareness not only for our charity but for our small corner of the word here in Billericay.”


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