Inspiring rugby teens to take on O2 bungee


Brave players from Upminster under 15’s Rugby club will be undertaking a 160 foot Bungee jump next to the London 02 arena to raise £1,500 for the cancer charity Melanoma Focus.

Set for 23rd June this year, the jump will be to commemorate one of the player’s mums, Tracy Mead, who had been a major fundraiser for the charity before she sadly lost her brave fight to Melanoma in 2015.

The five boys are already well on target to raise £1,500, having already raised £1,045 – 69% of their goal. Coach Brain Reardon has also pledged to join in with the bungee jumps if they reach their target, which they already look almost certain to achieve.

Mr Reardon: “I’m not the greatest fan of heights, but I would never ask the lads to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.

“My fear of jumping is nothing compared to what cancer sufferers face on a daily basis.”

The five boys are: Alexander Mead, Alfie Rawe, Callum Reardon, Freddie Chapman and Travis Boxall -Kee.

Melanoma focus was set up in October 2012 to fight one of the most deadly forms of skin cancer. They provide a helpline for sufferers, as well as news and updates along with funding research and support for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

Another part of their mission is to educate and inform people about the condition in order to combat it, including creating a national database of information.

Mr Reardon talks of the fantastic support the charity provided for Mrs Meads family. “They were brilliant. They were so helpful for both her son and his father.”

The Upminster based club is going from strength to strength, they are currently top of the league and with only one game to go that could potentially mean them winning the league.

Mr Reardon, who lives in Hornchurch, became head coach 5 years ago and speaks about the positivity of the team members: “They are just a good bunch of lads. It’s great to see teenagers challenging stereotypes by doing something so positive.”

If you would like to help the club reach their goal you can visit their fundraising website: If you are affected by melanoma, or would like to find help and support on


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