Inspirational women inspire charity bake


‘Watson Wigs’ raised over £300 for Big Bandana Bake for The Brain Tumour Charity after the Wickford High Street shop held a cake sale on Friday 22 March 2019.

With a goal of raising £200, the business exceeded their target with £340.
“I’m so overwhelmed by the generosity of the Wickford community for supporting such a great cause and I spoke to a lot of people that know someone close to them affected by a Brain Tumour”, said Carla Watson, owner of ‘Watson Wigs’.

Big Bandana Bake aims to raise £200,000, which could fund a researcher and their work into new brain tumour treatments for three years.
“A good friend of mine, Rachel, had surgery a year ago and was told she would be paralysed on her left side, blind in her left eye and never be able to walk again. A year on she is walking without help and can see everything, including enjoying time with her two young children, she’s such an inspiration!”


A volunteer who helped with the event was Philip Kitchener, whose daughter, Sarah, passed away 9 years ago from a Brain Tumour. Watson explained, “Between him, his family, friends and work colleagues who are true heroes, continue to fight and raise amazing amounts of awareness and money on behalf of his daughter.”

Philip said: “Sarah from Wickford was the life and soul of the party, bubbly and driven. She had her dream job as a trainee accountant in the City, a loving family, boyfriend and the world was her oyster. Until that world rapidly fell apart when she unexpectedly collapsed at work on February 1st 2005, when she was 23 with no recollection of what had happened. She’d had a seizure, which caused by an astrocytoma, a high grade brain tumour.”

“Sarah passed away on March 3rd 2010 aged just 27. Sarah was one of 5000 people who die every year from a brain tumour.

“March is brain tumour awareness month and Sarah’s battle for life, her love and her legacy live on through her family, husband and friends with The Sarah Kitchener Perrow Fund a supporter group of The Brain Tumour Charity.”

On April 4, Sarah’s God parents, with a close friend, are trekking to “Everest Base Camp” for the charity. If you would like to sponsor them on this epic trip please go to All funds raised will be sent to directly to The Brain Tumour Charity for research and family support. Thank you for your support.

So far they have raised £292,740.98 for the charity.
To donate to Sarah’s fund or to hear her story, visit:

If anyone could not make the ‘Watson Wigs’ bake sale but wishes to donate, visit:


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