Inspirational Romford girls visit parliament


Students at Frances Bardsley School in Romford had the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament on Monday, July 2 and meet with their local MP Andrew Rosindell, who spoke in the Houses praising the Romford school for their inspirational teaching.

The school was founded in 1906 by Frances, who believed that all women should have the opportunity of being educated.

Rachel Grimwood, the school’s Ethos and Development Manager said: “We had an amazing day in Parliament yesterday. Andrew Rosindell spoke in Parliament commending the work that Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls has done to inspire young women to enter the engineering profession by creating their own miniature railway.

“In 2018 women can achieve so much more than the women in 1918 could ever have dared to believe. It is therefore our responsibility to make the most of every opportunity and to progress.

“It recently came to the school’s attention that Miss Bardsley’s name appears on the roll of martyrs for the suffragette movement and her sister in law Kathleen Bardsley appears on the roll of martyrs for the suffragettes following serving three prison sentences supporting the movement.

“Frances Bardsley’s ethos of empowering women continues today with the legacy that her students are actively engaging in engineering. With support from retired engineers at the Romford Model Engineering club, we have built our own train track and have a station classroom to promote the railways. Years ago Frances Bardsley marched in London campaigning for votes for women, 100 years on her students are entering professions once male dominated.

“To celebrate this, our students have welded flowers from old horse shoes for the gardens at Parliament.”


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