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I was invited to visit the new Jodhpur Indian Kitchen right in the heart of Basildon Town Centre.

We walked in to small elephants hanging from the ceiling which my daughter loved and gave the place a real India feel.

We were greeted with a big smile by the manager as we were seated to our table and given the menus.

We ordered drinks and I tried the Jodhpur gin which was very refreshing and looked at the colourful and very easy to read menu and chose our selection.

First we tried the Papad Thaal -Fried and roasted mix poppadums, served with signature chutneys which my daughter loved.

To start I had my favourite Indian dish – onion bhaji served with chilli sauce and tamarind sauce. These were homemade and were presented beautifully and tasted even better.

For main my daughter chose the Butter chicken which was served with rice. The chicken was cooked perfectly and melted in the mouth and you could really taste the different flavours in the dish. It was delicious and my daughter ate it all up.

I had the Moilee Fish Curry which consisted of Sea bream and prawns cooked in coconut and whole spices with coastal flavour, served with plain rice, pineapple chutney, railway potato curry.

This dish had just enough heat to make it spicy and slightly sharp but not too much that you couldn’t taste the food.

We also tried the Bagara Baingan Aubergine curry with crushed sesame, peanuts, nutty flavour which was delicious and unlike anything I had tasted before in an Indian restaurant.

The restaurant is about to celebrate its one year anniversary and is proving very popular on the Just Eat app and it has 5 stars on trip advisor with not one bad review.

The manager came over and spoke to us and said that they are trying to recreate the fabulous magic of Indian Street food in the form of a restaurant.

He explained that its common to have a Thali meal during lunch in northern India, which has a variety of flavors is a well-balanced nutritious meal to get people going with hustle and bustle of a busy day is presented in a “Thaal” – a large plate to accommodate all the sumptuous food served.

The Jodphur menu contains handpicked dishes from all over the India with subtle fusion to suit the modern food habits. The Chefs ensure that a variety of authentic flavours are used give your meal that extra zing.

If you are someone who loves a curry people you would find the meals here, new, flavoursome and nutritious.

They also offer excellent craft beers and selcted wines which perfectly compliments the dishes.

The menus were very easy to read and explained where items were gluten free, nut free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian. This would be the perfect Indian restaurant if you suffer from food allegies.

Jodphur is a real family friendly, casual dining style of restaurant. The food was unlike some, where the dishes can come along swimming in oil and greasy. This was fresh and cooked to order.

The owner said they have a smaller menu to other Indian Restaurants to allow the chefs to cook fresh food out of the fridge not the freezer.

Jodhpur Indian Kitchen
34 E Walk, Basildon
01268 937104


By Abi Yates


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