Inappropriate language not acceptable!


Havering’s Leader of the Council has spoken exclusively to the Enquirer this week about how saddened and upset he is that the behaviour of other councillors in public meetings has denigrated and become very personal.

Councillor Damian White has spoken out following the ‘aggressive’ behaviour of fellow councillor and leader of the opposition Councillor Ray Morgon at a Governance meeting last

Tuesday where he swore at the council leader accusing him of being ‘full of sh*t”.

Councillor White has spoken of his sadness at how local level politics has completely degenerated and become very personal.

He told the Enquirer: “It is inappropriate to use language like that. Councillor Morgon should know better, he has been in local politics for many years and should know that that is not the way to conduct yourself in public meetings.
“I felt a bit upset that politics in Havering has degenerated to this point and that we can’t have open discussions anymore. It is very unfortunate.”

Councillor Morgon admitted to the Enquirer that he did openly swear at Councillor White and said: “I did say that, but I am tired of how the council leader says one thing and then does another.

“This was not an open meeting there were no members of the public present and we are fed up with him.

“I was not intimidating, I’m not an intimidating person, Councillor White is always blaming other people.”

Despite there not being any members of the public, all Havering council meetings are public meetings as they are available to any member of the public who would like to attend.

Councillor White continued: “All council meetings are open to the public, we broadcast our full council meetings live on the internet and we always have an open door policy for any member of the public who would like to come along and watch our meetings.

“I think Councillor Morgon is doing a disservice to our residents when he says this and it also shows ignorance in local politics which leaves me very worried.”


Other councillors at the meeting have also expressed concern that they felt that councillor Morgon’s language was completely inappropriate and should not have been used in a meeting.

“I am always working hard to try and make sure our calling procedures have best practice.

“This is not the first time Councillor Morgon has sworn, he has now chosen to make this very personalised and is doing everyone a disservice.

“The whole council has become very polarised, the Residents Association say they are only out there for the community whereas they are actually a political party seeking to to put forward their own agenda.”


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