in2 Weddings: Money saving tips and tricks from WED2B


You don’t have to blow the budget on your wedding day…

1. Ask a cheeky favour and you could travel in style for free! If you know a family member or friend with a car that you’re in awe of, why not consider asking them whether or not it can be used as your wedding day transport. You’ll be astonished how keen people can be to help out (you’re also paying them a compliment by saying they have a beautiful car).

2. A free makeover for your big day that isn’t necessarily a compromise. Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest you do your own make-up. We don’t want to add more to your already long to-do list for the big day! Instead, reach out to a local college and see whether a student would be interested in helping you. It may take a few phone calls, but it’s worth it if you want to keep your budgets down.

3. Transform your style with a multi-way dress. You don’t need to spend a huge sum of money to own a luxury wedding dress. There are many ways to get your hands on a cheaper wedding dress without compromising on quality…
a. The second-hand approach. If you have your heart set on a wedding dress by a well-known designer but cannot afford the price tag, consider opting for a second-hand dress. There are many websites, such as Sell My Wedding Dress, Preloved and The Dressmarket that are at least worth looking to see whether your perfect dress is for sale for a fraction of the retail price.
b. Know which stores to visit. There are many affordable bridal stores or boutiques, ranging from national retailers such as WED2B through to local independent boutiques, that offer wedding dresses from as low as £99. The dresses from these stores generally lack the name and associated prestige of a well-known designer without a compromise in quality.
c. Consider bridal charity shops. Did you know that some charities have dedicated bridal departments? Both Oxfam and the Red Cross have bridal departments in certain stores throughout the UK.

4. Create spectacular bouquets with seasonal flowers. Stay seasonal and local for your flowers and you could save yourself a considerable amount of money. One top-tip often shared by florists is to choose bigger blooms so you need fewer stems. For example, African marigolds, gladiolus and ‘Stargazer’ lilies are all big, beautiful and few are required to fill a room.

This collection of tips has been written by the team of designers at WED2B the UK’s largest and most affordable bridal retailer. WED2B’s dresses are available for under £599 off the peg so you can take your dream dress home the same day. They have 27 stores across the UK. For more details visit the website:


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