in2 Travel: 5 things to remember when going Skiing

Slope off this winter

Ensure your Ski holiday goes smoothly

Make sure you get the best deal
With all the equipment, lift passes, and clothing, ski holidays can easily become an expensive trip, so it’s a good idea to search around for deals before you decide on a location. To really make the most of your holiday budget, you can always use a deal finder platform. For example, HolidayPirates ( which manually searches the Internet for the best deals based on the time that you want to travel the kind of experience you want to have and even the particular part of a holiday you want a deal on, whether it’s a hotel, flight or entire holiday package.

Protect your valuables
In the rush of packing for a ski holiday, many people forget that aside from travel insurance, it’s a good idea to also insure valuable items such as electronics, especially when you are heading for the slopes. An app that lets you insure common electronic items is Trov (, which offers protection for items such as mobile phones, cameras and laptops, allowing users to turn insurance on and off with a simple swipe within the app.

Pre-book your lessons and equipment
If you are travelling abroad to ski for the first time, then it’s essential to book in some lessons and even if you are an advanced skier, it can be good to fine tune your technique. Before reaching your resort, consider pre-booking your lessons, as they can often be cheaper when booked in earlier. It’s also a good idea to purchase your lift pass in advance and there are often packages that incorporate both lessons and lift passes. If you are planning to loan equipment, then before you travel, it’s a good idea to research both local ski hire companies as well as chains such as Skiset, which often offer large online discounts and allow you to collect booked equipment without queuing.

Check for hidden resort fees
If you are heading to a ski resort in Europe, then be prepared that you may have to pay a tourist tax, which is often levied by local councils in European ski resorts. The amount you may be charged can vary depending on the resort you are visiting and often these charges are not included in the booking price of your trip. Rather than being surprised when you arrive at your destination, check ahead to see your location’s tax system and remember to allocate some of your budget to pay for this upon arrival.

Brief your bank
One thing we always know we should do, but inevitably forget to take care of, is notifying our bank that we are going away and will be using our card abroad. A few days before you travel, give the bank a call to let them know which country you are going to so they won’t block your card when you pop up in an unusual location. Also, check the fees the bank will charge you to use your card abroad – some charge an arm and a leg! Signing up for cards like Revolut ( or Monzo ( can help you avoid the hefty fees some banks charge when using your card abroad.


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