in2 Music: Maddy Prior Queen of Folk


MADDY Prior at Cramphorn Theatre

MADDY Prior has built her career on exploring various musical avenues. Renowned as the instantly recognisable vocalist of Steeleye Span, Maddy’s latest album ‘3 For Joy’ is no exception, a further exploration of the tradition that she loves.

Together with new musical partners Giles Lewin and young accordion player Hannah James, Maddy returns to perform the music of England, the British Isles and Eastern Europe – all delivered in her own unique style.

Working alongside Giles and Hannah, Maddy says: “We have worked together for about five years, making one album, 3 for Joy, but are now embarked on our second. These two musicians are creative and enthusiastic and keep the project alive and powerful for me, unjaded, even by so many years of doing this extraordinary job.”

Some forty years from her emergence on the late sixties folk club circuit, Maddy Prior is one of the most enduring, influential and respected artists in British music.
Maddy, Giles and Hannah are performing at the Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford on Wednesday 25 October. For tickets call the Box Office on 01245 606 505.


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