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Joseph J Jones
Joseph J Jones

HIS stage presence and look is reminiscent of a modern day Johnny Cash but Joseph J Jones is very much here and now.

The 25-year old from Hornchurch, Essex, has already supported the likes of Jack Savoretti and his debut album is due for release early 2018. “Working with Jack has given me a pedestal in the UK,” he says. “The Savoretti tour was a realisation moment, people asking me ‘will you sign this,’ I got a lot of love off that tour.”

Joseph J Jones

Joseph’s sound is soulful and has a vintage, earthy feel about it. Silky smooth it effortlessly rides the waves of his deep and meaningful lyrics of brilliant tracks such as ‘Gospel Truth’, ‘Whisper to a Hurricane’ and ‘Crawl.’

“My music is definitely a soulful alternative – it’s a mash-up of all the artists I love – like Johnny Cash to Joy Division and Kanye West. My grandad was a jazz guitarist and I grew up with jazz.

“My first love was Sinatra I grew up with all that kind of music. I try and delve into the old stuff as often as I can, making the old the new. I find people today really want big songs again and that’s my music. I love storytelling. I love telling those songs and having those twisting, suburban, street-y-edges to it. Not trying to be someone else but doing these universal songs that people can relate to.”

Joseph’s love of music excelled as a teenager at school. “We were in a music class all messing around and Sinatra was blaring out so I just started mimicking him. My mate went ‘Oh you’ve got a really good voice’. He tricked me into singing in front of the whole class. He was telling people to come and listen when I was just messing around. You had to do your project in Year 9, you had to record it and I just thought I’d sing. The music teacher heard and then she wanted me to sing in halls. It spurred me from there, my mate egging me on to sing.”

At 16 he picked up the guitar and started to write his own songs and take his classically
soulful voice out onto the East End pub circuit playing solo two-hour sets of covers. “I wanted to learn my craft and it was a good learning curve.”

Signed to Communion Records in November 2015 at the age of 23 he has already been compared to Sam Smith and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man as a pivotal figure on the Millennial soul scene.

Joseph’s music may not be chart familiar in the UK just yet, but in Germany he has a diverse fan base. “Germany got word of my song ‘Gospel Truth’ and through word of mouth it got played on various radio stations. We went out there and started gigging and playing shows, I was even nominated for an award,” he says. “Which was rather unexpected,” he adds!

His eagerly awaited debut album is certain to go down a storm. “It’s about coming into that manhood period and what happens after the afterparty, what happens after these late nights. It’s a young man coming of age trying to find his way out of it all. Realising where I am in the world!”
On the cusp of musical greatness Joseph J Jones is most definitely an artist to watch in 2018.

For more information on Joseph and his music, visit his official website:


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