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LADIES, are you getting married this year and need a helping hand when it comes to how you are going to wear your hair? Up, down, curled, straightened, braided… the options are endless!

Award-winning hairdressers the Francesco Group have over 40 salons in the UK. Director of Hairdressing, Anya Dellicompagni shares her wedding hair trends for 2017

For a bride her hair must be a compliment to the look of her dress and also a compliment to the theme of the big day. I always stress you should feel yourself, therefore, it’s important that the bride thinks about what they most feel comfortable with and especially when it comes to their hair and whether they feel more comfortable wearing it up or down.
Although your hair should feel more beautiful than your everyday look, don’t plan on changing it for the day. So don’t feel you need to grow it for two years for the big day or change you hair colour! There are so many things your hairdresser can use to add length or volume, from clip in extensions to padding, to give a hold and fullness to your hair.
There are so many styles you can choose from, but there will be particular looks that will be more suited to your face shape and hair type. Creating a mood board of looks you like is a great way to give you a good starting point to go from.
You can have looks that are on trend but try incorporating a classic twist so the look doesn’t look too dated when you look back on your big day pictures!

Continue the theme from the brides look, ensure it’s not too similar though; the brides hair should be the look of the day! I like to incorporate a varying look if there is more than one bridesmaid and it needs to adapt to suit the individual. Again, making everyone feel great is key and giving a bridesmaid a look they are uncomfortable with is extremely important.
With all the bridal party, the look created should be realistic to stay in all day and night, so it’s no good having a look that will drop out in a few hours!

For guests a big and curly hair is always a fantastic look. Whether it be natural curls or curls created using tongs, team your curls with a ‘hair flip’ to create a deep side parting with a lift or take it further and add in some layers with a grown out length fringe to give a shaggy, easy wear hairstyle. To recreate curls, use a curling tong or a curling wand. Ensure the tong or wand has a small diameter, so you get a proper curl rather than a wave. Use a volume spray when your hair is wet and blast through, then take small sections and apply the curl with the tong/wand. To create the flip, add a deep side part and gently backcomb, then use a fixing spray to hold into place.

Nonchalant waves are a really big hair trend for 2017 and are a great look for guests at weddings. This is a flat wave that gives the hair a natural texture without too much volume. To create a flat wave, first use a texturising spray to add some texture to the hair. Using irons, take big sections of the hair and pinch in different directions to create a flat S shape, then once applied through the hair using your fingers brush through to diffuse the texture.
Ponytails are another great look for guests and are easy to create and there are styles that suit everyone. Team your ponytail with a texture to make it look effortless or go for a super sleek ponytail style to give a chic statement. Accessorise your pony with a ribbon or diamante clip for extra sparkle!

Sleek styles that we saw being a huge trend in 2016 remain popular for 2017 and are another great style for wedding guests. Ensure your locks are oozing with health and shine for this look. For a statement going out look, add a strong gel and use it to gel all the hair off the face or sleek one side behind the ear. This look works best when it looks super shiny, so once the gel is dried, spray on a gloss spray to make it look mirror like.


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