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SPARKLING Jewellery’s name is instantly recognisable
to their ‘Icoinic’ two coin necklace. The double coin
necklace was designed by Sparkling Jewellery founder,
Sappho Brammer, almost 10 years ago and is now
seen on a daily basis around the necks of celebrities
including Sappho’s friend, Holly Willoughby who
wears the recognisable design often when presenting
This Morning.

Sappho says: “I started Sparkling Jewellery from my
kitchen in 2004. I had just given birth to my second
child and wanted something that could work around
my children.

“I was a bit of a magpie and good with sales so I
bought in bulk quantities of jewellery from abroad,
the more I got into it the more I wanted to create my
own designs. I completely taught myself how to
make simple silver jewellery why watching endless
YouTube videos and reading lots of books, with a lot
of patience and even more ruined pieces, I
now make bespoke jewellery items which are
frequently seen in the media.”

If you have always dreamed of having a bespoke
engagement or wedding ring tailored to suit your
style, the independent Essex jeweller will work with
you to design and hand make your dream ring within
your budget.

Sappho’s bespoke rings are made with a range of
metals from sterling silver and titanium right through
to the finest quality platinum and coloured gold’s
paired with precious stones or semi-precious stones
to create the most sensational items.

If you don’t want a bespoke service and just want
something that looks the part, there is also various
ranges of stunning costume jewellery with some
perfect gift ideas for this coming Mother’s Day. Gift
cards are available online too.

For more information visit: Sparkling Jewellery
London, 5 Little Mollands Farm, Mollands Lane,
South Ockenden Essex RM15 6RX • 01708 857575


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