in2 Lifestyle: Sea-Life Adventure Southend-on-Sea – new attractions


FOLLOWING a £680,000 redevelopment, Sea-Life Adventure located on Southend’s seafront has now virtually doubled in size and features a whole host of new animal attractions, including penguins, meerkats, otters and even a Royal Python.

Walking around the attraction with its cavern-like walkways, you can’t help but marvel at the fascinating species on display. There’s all kinds of fish from Jelly fish to Nemo and Dory and sharks swimming overhead grimacing with their razor-sharp teeth but also an array of amphibians and reptiles including jungle frogs, turtles and crocodiles.

But as well as life under the sea, Sea-Life Adventure now comes with some fascinating new animal attractions. There’s meerkats, Humbolt penguins and otters all enjoying their spacious new outdoor compounds.

Two Asian Short Clawed Otters have come to Southend from Newquay Zoo, in Cornwall. A family of three meerkats were originally kept at Dundee’s Camperdown Wildlife Centre, while the seven penguins are proper Essex birds, having made the short trip down to Southend from Colchester Zoo.

Sea-Life Adventure’s Director Lucy Hodge says “This development takes us to a whole new level with more exhibits, fascinating animals and interactive experiences than ever before. Along with improving the visitor experience a key objective for us is also to engage far more deeply in promoting and raising public awareness of environmental conservation and protecting animals that are constantly threatened by the modern world.”
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