in2 Food: New Year food swaps to improve your health

Fresh fruit

WE all want to feel the best we possibly can. We need to look towards eating the right types of food to give us the energy we need to keep us going. Naturopathic nutritionist Amy Morris shares her top tips on how to give yourself a healthy overhaul and the simple swaps you can make to be at your best.

Healthy Swap #1:
Wholegrains instead of Starchy Carbohydrates – Banishing refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and pasta and swapping them for wholegrain or multi-seed options might give you the health boost you need. Not only do unrefined, wholemeal carbohydrates offer slow-releasing energy, rather than the initial spike in energy levels given from starchy carbs, they will also help you feel fuller for longer, keep blood sugar levels steady and banish sweet cravings. Some great options include quinoa, rye bread or spelt.

Healthy Swap #2:
Choose Fresh Fruit instead of Fruit Juice – No matter how much fruit juice you consume in a day, it all still counts as only one portion of your five a day. But what’s more worrying is that the more you have, the more you could be damaging your teeth’s protective enamel from all the acidity. A great alternative is consuming fresh fruit instead. It is richer in nutrients than fruit juice. You could also incorporate a natural supplement into your diet to ensure you are reaching your fruit and veg targets. Rejuvenate
( is a raw, organic blend of alkalising grasses, grass juice powders and green vegetables and just one scoop is the equivalent of 3-4 of your recommended daily intake.

Healthy Swap #3:
Use Coconut Oil instead of Butter -Conventionally reared dairy cows are often given synthetic drugs, vaccines, and antibiotics during their time on a farm, and all of these drugs end up in their products, in varying amounts, including butter. These unwelcome chemicals can cause a hormonal imbalance, as well as upset the health of our delicate gut microbiome. A better option is to swap butter for an organically grown coconut oil which is not only free of all of the above, but is also safe to heat to high temperatures.

Healthy Swap #4:
Sprinkle Grated Apple instead of Sugar. Sugar is found in many ready-made dishes and is linked to dozens of health problems. Try grating a fresh apple and mixing this in instead. Or top with freshly sliced organic strawberries for a natural sweet fix that will be kinder to your blood sugar levels (and mood!) because of the fibre and cofactors contained.

Healthy Swap #5:
100% Coconut Yoghurt instead of Dairy Based Yoghurts – Digestive discomfort, eczema and sinus trouble – these are just some of the problems people face when they consume cow’s milk-based yoghurts and other milk products. Opt for coconut yoghurt and you’ll find these are easier to digest and your skin is left glowing!


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