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Claire Matthews, stylist
Claire Mathews, stylist

Empowerment through style

A woman from Rochford has taken it upon herself to empower others across Essex through colour and style.

Claire Mathews, who works as a style and colour consultant, set up her business in 2015 following a chance work, colour and style day.

Claire has overcome a serious eating disorder and the effects of being bullied at school to set up her business. She said: “I was working as a PA in London for a headhunting company and we were sent on an away day to have our colours and style analysed.

“I couldn’t believe that just by wearing the right colours for your skin tone and hair, your look can so dramatically change.

“As a young adult I found it very hard to feel comfortable with my body as I was always on the curvy, larger size and I was bullied as a teenager at school for being fat.

Claire started struggling in her city role and in the last two of her five years there, she realised her role had become isolated and most of her contact was through email.

She said: “I started to get sick more often and was beginning to find it increasingly hard to get out of bed in the morning. My binge eating disorder was rapidly getting worse.

This lead to a very open and honest conversation with her director who helped Claire explore different opportunities.

Her husband Gary is her biggest fan and has taken on Claire’s advice. He said: “I’ve realised I am a deep summer colour palette with a ‘natural gamine’ style which means I suit neat, fitted clothes whereas before many of my suit jackets were far too big and black.”

Claire concluded: “I love helping people improve their wellbeing and body confidence through my business. I enjoy helping people understand their body shape and enhance their best parts.”


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