Hospital Policy Queried

Broomfield Hosp
Broomfield Hosp


Health campaigners have written an open letter because together with staff and patients, they fear for the outcome of the new NHS plans.

Christine Papalabropoulos, who has been an Essex health campaigner since her daughter was failed by Basildon Hospital and sadly died, said: “We have the Broomfield Hospital CQC report just released and this is ‘completely damning’ and is showing that both hospital staff and patients aren’t happy.

“A Whistleblower spoke out recently to my friend and fellow campaigner, Melanie Leahy, that the Chief Transformation Officer of Essex Hospitals, Tom Abell, is breaking Hospital Policy.

He asked a member of staff who had worked a full day shift to come back and work a night shift with as little as four hours break.

This is totally unjust, both on the member of staff and is a massive risk for the patients.”
Christine continued: “I met with Tom Abell once and although he seemed an amiable man he did seem to go on to say that the main concerns was for how the budget was spent and not to exceed to much over what you have been given to work with.

“But if patients are being put at risk then we have a big problem.”

“I have been in touch with CQC regarding Mr Abell not being aware that when Carmel Connell was employed at Broomfield Hospital her main duty was to focus on ‘making improvements’ at the Hospital and dealing with CQC Matters which in my view is a very import task, but we feel Mr Abell failed to see it that way and tried to downgrade her as the Budget came first. “

“Hence Carmel Connell resigned and us health campaigners can well understand why. We feel we would have done the same on Principle.”

Carmel Connell has since won her case and she was reimbursed so much for the lack of earnings.

Christine finished in her letter by saying: “Tom is suppose to be ensuring sustainability transformation plans progress smoothly and when completed that all Essex Hospitals are meeting standards that are required by hospital regulators. Is Tom actually doing this? We feel he is not.

“He has so far failed Broomfield Hospital and he holds the very important position of Deputy CEO.

“Going forward we want to put pressure on Mr Abell to think about tendering his resignation forthwith.

“We believe along with staff and patients that Broomfield Hospital deserves better and we need someone positive to take ther hospital forward.”



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