Hornchurch councillor elected chairperson


South Hornchurch Councillor Graham Williamson has been elected as the new Chairperson of the Veolia Community Liaison Group.

CLG was created as a forum for discussion and engagement between Veolia and local communities.

It was formed a number of years ago specifically for residents to express their views or concerns on the landfill and for Veolia in turn to keep residents updated on the progress of the latter’s’ works. Due to a restructure of the company the CLG was suspended some three years ago.

Since then the landfill went over its expected completion date because the company was unable to source sufficient of the correct material to use to finish the job. They have applied and obtained an extension until 2026.

Because Veolia will now continue and restore the land for another seven years local councillors felt the CLG should be reactivated and Veolia agreed.

The first meeting of the new group took place a week ago and were first taken on a site visit to view existing progress before a discussion took place in the Company offices.

South Hornchurch Councillor Graham Williamson, Chairman of the group said: “I was delighted to accept the position because, given the extension of time, it is vitally important that the residents quality of life e.g. the issue of litter and smells, does not suffer and the land is restored e.g. seeded and at the correct height, as agreed.”

“Rainham has had handed the short straw for a long time and been dumped upon with all the ‘dirty industries’ that London needs but doesn’t want to host. Long term however, once the landfill is completed, we need to open up the Thames to some positive development, including leisure and recreational uses such as Marinas and restaurants.”

“In the meantime, the CLG will be meeting on regular basis every two months so I would urge local residents to pm @ [email protected] with any issues that have concerning the landfill.”


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