Holiday weekend violence across east London


Police dealt with numerous incidents

Another weekend of violence was in store for east London this week as Romford Town Centre saw a ‘Section 60 PACE’ (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) authorised last weekend by the Met’s Commander Bennett within the town centre ring road, meaning any person can be stopped and searched in response to recent knife incidents.

The Section 60 is a unique power intended to prevent serious violence or the commission of offences involving the use of weapons or dangerous instruments.

The weekend saw numerous GBH offences (Grievous Bodily Harm) across Havering, Redbridge and Barking and Dagenham. Police were called to Leyburn in Romford on Friday night after a man was assaulted and found with a wound to his head.

On the same night in South Street, Romford, a man was stabbed in the back five times and punched in the face.

On Sunday night police were called to Omega Court, London Road, where a male was being chased by three males, one believed to be carrying a baseball bat.

Also on Sunday night, police were called to a man sitting in his car being attacked by another male who jumped on the bonnet of his car, cracked the windscreen and pulled out a ‘Rambo’ style knife on the victim.

In Barking, police were called to Farr Avenue on Sunday night after a male is believed to have attacked his brother in law with acid. The suspect is believed to have bought a bottle of ‘Kleen Off’ ammonia and tracked down his brother in law.

It is believed an altercation occurred between the pair in a shop. The suspect is believed to have followed him, entering the shop again, and throwing the ammonia over his back as the victim turned to avoid the substance.

At the Roundhouse pub in Dagenham police were called on Monday night where they found a man assaulted outside of the venue. The incident had been reported by the London Ambulance Service as the male had collapsed in the street with no sign of an assault.

The victim is believed to have been unconscious but breathing. He was flown to the Royal London Hospital by air ambulance where he is in a critical condition with bruising to both sides of the brain with haemorrhaging. A suspect has been arrested for assault and possession of class A and B drugs.



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