High Street bank link offers help for hard up


A LOCAL credit union has set up shop within a High Street bank in Thurrock.

People sometimes resort to high interest lenders after they are denied banking services by High Street banks, but local credit union Essex Savers hopes to stop that happening to some residents after opening up inside the Barclays branch in Grays to help local residents.

Alison Davies, Managing Director of Essex Savers said:“Essex Savers are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Barclays Bank in providing a wider range of banking services to those in Essex: including our simple savings accounts and affordable loans.

“Barclays are promoting Essex Savers’ services across Essex and we were in Barclays Branch in Grays to meet customers.

“Barclays staff will refer people to Essex Savers to ensure everyone has access to relevant bank services to avoid people resorting to payday loans and other predatory lenders.

“We look forward to returning to Barclays in Grays each month and extending this to other branches in Essex.”

The move follows the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking out against payday lenders and for credit unions.

Lisa Salmon, branch manager at Barclays, Grays said: “Barclays works closely with credit unions to build strong links locally and to facilitate customer referrals where appropriate.

“We were pleased to be able to support their visit to the branch so that they could highlight the services they offer and to show it can be of value to local people’s lives.”


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