Headteacher retires after forty years


Last Friday was a historic day at Roding Primary School as headteacher Brian Fox left the school to enjoy his retirement after 40 years teaching in the borough.

When it comes to experience of schools in Barking and Dagenham, Brian can definitely be counted on as he did not only teach in the borough but also went to primary and secondary school here.

Brian attended Ripple Infants and Juniors from 1961 to 1968 before heading on to Eastbury Secondary until 1975.


After deciding that teaching was the profession that he wanted to pursue, Brian began his career at Thames View Junior in 1978 before leaving and becoming Headteacher of Roding Primary School in Easter 1989.

When discussing the challenges over the years, Brain said: “ There has always been the obstacle of staying positive and trying to limit the disruption of the constantly changing educational initiative flow.”

Despite this continuous challenge, Roding Primary School was awarded Outstanding by Ofsted in 2005.

Another key highlight of his career as Headteacher was the opportunity to oversee the expansion of the school on a new site.

Brian said: “ The one thing that kept me going throughout the years was the fact that I have been lucky enough to work with such enthusiastic children and staff.”

On the topic of teaching, Brian said: “Teaching hasn’t really changed over the last 30 years.

“It is still about enthusing children with a love of learning and discovery, together with the basic skills.”

“However, the job is more complicated and technological today but still a great job.”

Having been in the role as Headteacher for 30 years, Brian pointed out that several current teachers and non-teaching staff were themselves pupils at the school.

Brian said: “I often get told by the students that I have taught their mums, dads and most recently I got told that I taught one students grandmother! Which came as a shock.”

Councillor Evelyn Carpenter, Cabinet Member for Educational Attainment congratulated

Brian on a fantastic career and thanked him for his service to the borough.

She said: “Brian has made a long and important contribution to the education of children in Barking and Dagenham and has played a leading role amongst headteachers here.

“We have all learnt a great deal from him. I would like to thank him for his service and dedication to Barking and Dagenham and I wish him every success and happiness in the future.”


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