‘Havering is still the pro Brexit capital’


With the results in last Sunday for the European elections, the London Borough of Havering clearly showed the rest of London that it is still the pro Brexit capital of the South East.

The Brexit Party won with over 32,000 votes demonstrating that Brexit means a clear exit out of Europe and the time has come to deliver that, according to the population of Havering.
Second in the poll were the Liberal Democrats with just over 8,000 votes for those who look to remain in Europe and hope that Brexit does not happen, as unlikely as that maybe.

In this weeks issue of the Enquirer, Independent residents activist in South Hornchurch, Ross Elliott shares his views on last week’s European elections.

“The European elections for many, has always been an opportunity to cast a protest vote against the Government and the E.U. and this time was no different. However, this time it feels like it was more of a popularity contest.

With the polls ahead of the election showing support for Labour and the Conservities at an all time low, mainly to their parities equivocal positions on how we should leave the E.U. or whether we should leave at all, plus Theresa Mays handling of Brexit and the fact we have still not left the E.U., it was no surprise when Nigel Farage launched the Brexit Party that it gained so much support so quickly. His position on Brexit has never changed and as time has passed Nigel Farage has become the face of Brexit.”

Get the Job Done

“The people are bored of Brexit and just want the Government to get on with it. And unlike Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage comes across as a person who can get the job done, and his pledge to change politics as we know it, is exciting to those who feel the current system does not work for them.

The Brexit Partys share of the votes is a clear sign to the two main parties that enough is enough. We want Brexit and we want it now.

For them to have any chance in the next general election, the Conservitives, under new leadership, will have to align and prove themselves to be the true Brexit Party and deliver Brexit ahead of the 31st October deadline, and Labour will no doubt have to become the pro-remain party. If not I feel the Brexit Party will have the same results in a general election.

With the current environmental concerns worrying a lot of people, and their pro-Remain stance, the Green Party saw an increase in seats from the last elections.

But the party which saw the biggest increase in MEPs since the 2014 elections was the Liberal Democrats. They did well in the Majority of London by appealing to the younger voters.

This included Havering however, the boroughs position hasn’t changed much over the last 3 years, we remain a strong pro-Brexit borough, with the Brexit Party received the highest share with 47.6% of the votes.”


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