Group keeping an eye on new homes


‘Purfleet Community Design Group’ recently visited Swan Housing’s modular build factory in Basildon.

The Design group are instrumental in liaising with developers PCRL and the local community via Purfleet-on-Thames Community Forum on the regeneration that is about to take place. It is unusual for a developer to liaise with the community to the extent that PCRL have with Purfleet.

Swan will be the builder of new homes in Purfleet, many of which will be modular. An innovative and versatile option where near completed homes are delivered to site already fitted with new home owner’s choice of décor. This cuts down the build time on site.

Computer technology helps people visualise and choose how the interior and exterior will look. Floor and wall coverings, kitchens, bathrooms, even colour of roof tiles and exterior finish can be chosen in advance.

Each flat is made from two or three modules, each house from four of five.

All designs and colour options will be approved with our planning department in advance so no delays once ordered.

Giving an option helps people to personalise their new home so it is not just a box on a new estate. This gives hope for this development which will be near a new senior school, a new junior school, bridge, medical centre and town centre.

With ‘Purfleet Community Design Group’ keeping an eye on things the future is bright.


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