Greater London Authority threat


Councillor Graham Williamson, this week spoke to The Enquirer about his concerns of how the ‘GLA are a real threat to Havering’s suburbs’.

Last week’s Enquirer front page, ‘Towers Rejected’ highlighted what he believes to be the threat the GLA poses to Havering’s suburban character.

Cllr Williamson said: “Under pressure to meet GLA housing targets, Havering agreed to create two housing zones (in Rainham and Romford) in exchange for some funding.
“In Rainham, this helped fund an officers and consultant’s led masterplan which looked at design, numbers, and density.

“The resultant document is known as the Rainham and Beam Park Planning Framework.

“This professional document stated that the heights around Beam Park should be predominantly 4-6 storeys high with one or two blocks possibly as high as 8. This was the reason why we rejected in April the developer’s plan to construct at least 5 blocks as high as 9.”

In response, the GLA/Mayor’s office has called-in the application to make a decision to uphold or overturn Havering’s decision.

A hearing has been listed at City Hall for the 28th September.
Councillor Williamson added: “The developer’s reply has now put in a revised application which increases the number of properties by another 15% and proposes tower blocks from 11 to 16 storey’s high.

“Residents were promised from the very beginning a ‘Garden suburb’ that could broadly fit in with our suburban character. The latest plans are more suited to inner-London and is a betrayal of Havering.”

“To help show the GLA that residents wish to preserve our suburban character they can sign a petition.”


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