Give Get Go project provides opportunity


World famous director, producer, film maker and writer Tony Klinger is launching a fantastic new community outreach project in Havering aimed at helping the most in need.

Mr Klinger famous for ‘The Man Who Got Carter’ is bringing the project ‘Give Get Go’ to east London and Essex, to work with London’s most needy side of the community.

As social clubs and community groups across east London face the axe, Mr Klinger’s outreach programme is aimed at giving the young and the old the opportunity to have a centre where they can all gather together and learn new skills and most importantly take teenagers off our streets and into education with the chance of securing a job at the end of their learning.


In a challenging area, where violent crime is escalating fast, Give Get Go will provide some much needed creative opportunities for youngsters to learn the skill of film production and find a place for them to utilise their talents. Tony Klinger is a well-established film maker and film producer and is proud to be able to bring his key skills to this exciting project.

The outreach programme is combined with GGG public entertainment that will be a one day film making experience business.

Tony told The Enquirer: “We are proud to invite Romford, East London and Essex to participate in a unique and exciting social outreach programme associated with the G-G-G Public entertainment opportunity where you can be a filmmaker for a day.

“We are proud to be in a partnership with GIVE GET GO’S commercial venture who are supporting our aims.

“It will be a constituted community group and will offer a programme of educational workshops, work experience and personal development opportunities for young, disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the UK.”

The programme will provide incredible opportunities for young people, including those at risk of exclusion or entering a life of crime, young people not in education, adults in crisis, male and female offenders.

Tony continues: “The Give Get Go, making films in a day rolling programmes of workshops will be a fantastic opportunity for our clients to be involved in.

“An exciting and accessible chance to develop and gain literacy and numeracy skills, meet other people in their community, to help create a movie that can be nationally recognised and feel a great sense of pride and achievement.”

“Within the current social climate of high youth unemployment it is vital for our clients to be able to get the chance to prove their compatibility in a working environment – which we feel the Give-Get-Go project can achieve.

“With the added wow factor of helping be part of creating a real movie we believe there is such interest there to keep the attention and participation of the most disheartened person.”

They will all be housed at the Romford Film Studio at the centre of the community for all to be involved with, from the young to the old, and anyone interested in learning the art of film.

Give Get Go is aimed directly at the creativity alive in every person and community. As the name implies, you GIVE something, be it a complete idea, or your time or simply your participation, you GET help to make things happen for you and or your project and then you GO and do it, market it take it to the public at large and share yourself, your creativity, your finished product with the world.

Tony said: “You don’t have to be rich or connected or even the finished article. Give Get Go helps develop, yourself.


“For every director or producer there have to be painters, plasterers, camera men and women, actors, editors, costume designers, make-up and hair, props and a
hundred other roles, all of them equally important and relevant.

“You can be young or old, a career changer, from any background, a student, someone who has had difficulty fitting in with society up to now or who wants a different approach or simply someone who wants to have some fun but wants to be involved in getting their creativity out there and appreciated you will be welcome.

“The objective is clear, to work together on creative projects that, within an agreed time line get finished and out there.”

This project will provide some much needed hope to an area that sadly has become known for its violent crime and will bring creativity and education to teenagers who seek to make something of their lives.

If you are interested in finding more information on Give Get Go please email [email protected]


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